5- Jupiter Ascending and House of Cards


Joseph and Marigrace talk about House of Cards season 3 (Joseph saw episode 1 when it leaked),  the upcoming Settlers of Catan movie, San Diego Comic-Con and Nerd Salsa Con Month, nerdy Valentine's Day puns, and the return of French Toast Crunch before leading you through the bizarre experience of watching Jupiter Ascending. As always, they close with pop culture recommendations and recipes to go with them.

  • 0:00:00 - Check out http://nerdsalsa.com/naturebox
  • 0:01:50 - Intro
  • 0:02:45 - House of Cards Season 3 (spoilers through season 3 episode 1)
  • 0:06:22 - Settlers of Catan Movie
  • 0:07:30 - Comic Con and Nerd Salsa Con Month
  • 0:08:50 - Valentine's Day
  • 0:10:50 - French Toast Crunch
  • 0:13:50 - Jupiter Ascending (spoilers)
  • 0:56:55 - Recommendations and recipes

p.s.  Joseph here. There's some distortion on my audio this episode, but we've got it worked out, so if you're particular about audio quality like I am, we hope you'll stick around for the next episode.