Bikini a-Toll House Cookie Waffles

It's a Disaster is a off-beat disaster comedy that takes place entirely inside a suburban home in Austin, TX. A group of friends gather for their regular couples brunch, which exposes many of the pressure points in each relationship. Just as the brunch reaches its most awkward and aggressive, they hear that a dirty bomb has gone off downtown, and they are stuck inside.

Part of the charm of It's a Disaster comes from its dated jokes about Lost or the Bump app that we used to share information between iPhones in 2011. Another part of its charm comes from the witty, fast paced writing that makes other dark comedies like Shaun of the Dead feel like a slog by comparison. The cast, which includes Julia Stiles and David Cross, all play their characters with depth while embracing the silliness of the genre.

The opening credits sequence of It's a Disaster, introduces the film's tone in several ways, partly through use of a slow pan out on a photograph: first we see a straw hut,  gradually zooming out we see a beach;, continuing to zoom out we see the waves, then . . .the mushroom cloud in the distance -- the photo is the famous photo of the atomic bomb test at the Bikini Atoll. This slow build up of tension and the humorous juxtaposition of the mundane and the cataclysmic define It's a Disaster. This opening sequence inspired me to combine this atomic horror with the mundane in a new way: The Bikini a-Toll House Cookie Waffles. The recipe (if it really counts as one) for this explosion of cookie dough in waffles is detailed below.



  • Cookie dough
  • Waffle mix


  1. Make waffle mix according to directions.
  2. Fold in Toll House chocolate chip cookie dough.
  3. Cook in waffle maker for the recommended time for your machine.


It's a Disaster

This recommendation and recipe was featured on Episode 11: The Martian & Movie Adaptations of Novels