In a sea of Star Wars #content, Star Wars Begins is the only Star Wars documentary I have ever recommended. Jamie Benning produced the unofficial, fan-made project by editing together audio clips and text snippets from interviews and home video commentary which play along with video from the original Star Wars movie. The finished project is like watching Star Wars along with a best-of commentary. He also inter-cuts the film with alternate takes, deleted scenes, and behind the scenes footage that give a better sense of the creative process behind Star Wars than any other documentary or text that I have come across.

One of the most interesting creative choices that Star Wars Begins highlights is the change from beginning the story with Luke (in a long deleted sequence that appears in the documentary) to beginning with R2 and C-3PO in the middle of a space battle. The change in pace that single editing decision makes on the finish movie is enormous.

In the spirit of the power of editing, and in the documentary's ability to reuse and re-mix existing material into something new and exciting, I have chosen to pair this film with nachos, the ultimate re-mixable snack. Not only can you pick from a wide variety of toppings as you prepare your nachos, but even as they are on your plate, you can edit again by picking the chip with the jalapeño on it or by scooping up extra sour cream.


  • Make 'em how you want


Star Wars Begins

This recommendation and recipe was featured on Episode 12: Nerdcon Stories