I Try to Justify Recommending Canned Scotch

A while back, I found a photo online of Scotch in a can. I don't remember why I became interest in it, I think I wanted to buy it a secret Santa present, but maybe I was perversely curious, like when you open up a bottle of milk you are certain is spoiled. So, when I saw it in a liquor store, sitting at the counter in that "impulse buy" section, I had to try it.

So I get home and pop the can open. Turns out, it is pretty okay. Not actually good on any level, but strangely drinkable. Now I need an excuse to recommend it. "Oh look," I say to myself, I've been waiting to recommend the a cappella group Straight No Chaser, that's an alcohol name! 

So here it is: Straight No Chaser's 90's performances (available on YouTube) and their first album, Holiday Spirits are as fun as a cappella gets. Straight No Chaser's music blends several pop styles along with a playful spirit that can be seen in their videos and heard in their medleys. Their best medley builds out from "12 Days of Christmas" (video below). Their first album also includes one of my favorite recording of Auld Lang Syne. Sadly, after their first album, they fell into the Pentatonix-era style of overly precise vowels and tight harmonies that sounds more like a synthesizer set to voice mode than a group of singers -- so don't listen to anything past 2008.

For me their early work is represented very well by this can of Scotch, not as precisely crafted as their later work, but a lot more spirited and a fun talk piece.


  • This can of Scotch


Straight No Chaser's "The 12 Days of Christmas"

This recommendation and recipe was featured on Episode 14: Holiday Favorites