Chaucer's Wafres (Or The Cheese Waffle Taco)

Recently I've been listening to an audiobook of Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales. The version I'm listening to has the original Middle English but with mostly modern pronunciations of the words. That format makes it very easy to understand the language and keeps almost all of the ver very many rhymes delightfully intact.

While listening, I stumbled across, a website with countless recipes from the middle ages. And seeing as Parks and Rec has just aired its finale, this recipe for wafred, which are pretty similar to modern waffles, seemed appropriate. The fact that the recipe is about 30% cheese is also a nice bonus.


Gode Cookery recommends you serve with honey, but I suggest you fold your wafre like a taco and put extra cheese in the middle. (Recipe)


The Canterbury Tales by Chaucer

This recipe and reccomendation was featured in Episode 6: Chappie and AI in Pop Culture