Fennel and Prosciutto Pasta

This week, celebrate the coming of spring by turning on the boob tube and settling into the delightfully brash Broad City. The Amy Poehler-produced sitcom follows the misadventures of two best friends, Ilana and Abbi, as they try (and often times fail) to tackle the Big Apple. This recipe even comes at the recommendation of one of the show’s most beloved recurring characters, Lincoln, a dentist who has a penchant for making homemade pasta. Much like the hilariously haphazard comedy, this recipe throws ingredients together in an unexpected way, resulting in a surprising and exciting flavor experience. Starring the zany cousin in the pasta shape family (aka bow ties), this salad is both refreshing and filling. Serve hot or cold.



Pair With

Broad City


This recipe and reccomendation was featured in Episode 6: Chappie and AI in Pop Culture