Is Scotch a Recipe?

For our James Bond episode I can't pass up the chance to recommend Matt Gourley's portrayal of Ian Fleming on The Dead Authors Podcast.

The Dead Authors Podcast is an hour long staged comedy show that brings authors from the past to be fictitiously interviewed in present day L.A.  Paul F. Tompkins interviews each episode's guest in character as a time machine-owning  H.G. Wells.  

In the 38th episode, Matt Gourley, who also co-hosts the James Bonding Podcast, dons a delightfully over the top caricature of  Ian Fleming, playing up how terrible of a person Fleming was while also turning the English mannerisms dial to 11.

Ian Fleming and James Bond are both well known for their drinking, so I had to recommend a beverage to go with this. I'm recommend pairing this podcast with Ardbeg Ten Years Old Scotch. Ardbeg reflects Bond's Scottish heritage, and like other Scotches from Islay, Ardbeg packs a strong peaty, smokey flavor that holds up to the intensity of James Bond and to Matt Gourley's outrageous portrayal of Fleming.


  • Ardbeg Ten Years Old