The Best Grilled Cheese

Two ZEPPELINS Swoop in to  stealthe eiffel tower in Danger 5's first episode

Two ZEPPELINS Swoop in to  stealthe eiffel tower in Danger 5's first episode

Danger 5 is nuts.

The first season is set in in a 1960's, B movie version of WWII. It follows an international team of five spies who, in each episode, embark on a new secret mission to kill Hitler. In many ways the show feels like a live action Archer with similar spy shenanigans and sexual humor, but Danger 5's unique identity is apparent in its far-fetched plots such as when Gobbles steals national moments or Mengele unleashes Nazi dinosaurs on the world. 

Season two, on the other hand takes places entirely in parodies of 80's TV and movies, but still follows the continuity of the first season. (Hitler is the leather jacket-wearing bad boy in an American high school in one episode I think? Idk I mostly watch these after a few drinks.)

Trying to match Danger 5's SpongeBobesque tendency to put on screen anything the writers felt like, I decided to share a recipe for my for my favorite grilled cheese, which is enjoyable on exactly the same childish level as Danger 5.



  • White bread
  • 1 slice of Velveeta cheese
  • 0.35 oz Bulgarian feta
  • Imperial Margarine


  1. You guys have probably got this one.


Danger 5


This recipe and reccomendation was featured in Episode 8: Mad Max & Jurassic World